Welder’s Cave About Me

Welders cave came into existence because two friends who had a passion for welding realized that there are a lot of people who would like to have more information on this subject. 

Those two men asked other friends that they knew to be welding experts, product specialist, and writers to join them in the creation of a website that would be all about welding. They wanted to assemble a group of critical thinking experts who would not try to sell people something, but would try to give people the facts and let people make their own minds up about items.

The group of friends started to brainstorm about what things people wanted to know about welding. They decided to do a survey and ask people what things they would like to know more about. Their survey provided them with ideas for the reviews and articles they would write. Here's the leader, the cool welding enthusiast who organized them all:

Richard Boyer

Welding Professional, Trainer, Blogger

Richard, Author of Welderscave

Richard Boyer has been a professional welder for over 27 years of his life, and now he is a trainer and blogger providing critical information to anyone interested in welding. He is helping out both hobbyists, novice and professional welders to learn newer and better techniques. 

Boyer’s blogging interests have made him interested in running his website, where he shares all there is to know about perfect welding. Being a highly-regarded trainer and having over 27 years of experience, his blog is full of valuable insights that are helpful to professional welders even! 

Richard writes everything about welding. His content mainly consists of welding gear suggestions where readers can find out about the best welding-related items. He tests out newly released products and therefore can give a detailed view of every item he reviews. 

Boyer prides himself in knowing the in and out of MIG welding, TIG welding, Stick welding and Flux Cored Arc Welding. He also teaches about all kinds of safety measurements and PPE and methods of modern welding. Check out his blog to read about welding from a trained and experienced professional.

Mission Statement

We want every reader to feel secure in the knowledge that we are not being paid by any manufacturer or distributor to recommend their products. Each product that we showcase are ones that we have tried, tested, and approve of. We will not recommend anything to you that we would not buy for our own use, or suggest to our friends and family.

Welders Cave Reviews

To write reviews of the products we establish a list of products that we feel are promising. Then we try each of those products to see if they work properly, and if they perform in the manner that their manufacturer’s say they will.

We are brutal when trying out the products. We want to know about every feature, and we want to know what it takes to make the welders not perform properly. That is the only way we can feel good about telling our readers which welders are the most reliable, dependable, and durable.

Welders Cave Articles

You will find articles on the website that tell you about welding techniques, welding schools, and all types of things about welding related subjects.

We promise that each of these articles was written only after extensive research, and deliberation so we could be sure that we are giving you the most useful and comprehensive information.

We care about you and we care about welding. We want to make sure that you are given a clear description that is based on facts so you can become better educated about welding.

Tips and Suggestions

All of the tips and suggestions that we give to our readers concerning welding, welding supplies, welding safety, welding schools, or other related topics are genuine tips that have been researched and verified to be useful items.

We do not want anyone to read a tip on our pages and then discover that the tip does not work, or that the tip is actually an unsafe practice. We want you to read a tip and get excited to go try it because you know that what you read on our web pages is something you can rely on and trust.

Our Plans and Goals

We plan to continue to review welding products, write about welding facts, provide welding tips, and investigate everything we can about welding and the related fields.

It is our goal to have fresh content added often so our readers can keep returning to our pages and always find something new to read.

We would be glad for you to send us suggested topics via our contact page. Our experts will consider all suggestions and if possible they will use your suggestions to create new articles, new reviews, and new tips pages.

Our Promise to You

As our reader we feel honor bound to provide you with informative, intellectual, factual, and relative written material about welding, welding supplies, and work fields related to welding.

We promise that we will not write anything on our pages that we have not researched. We will not try to convince you that any one product is something you should buy. We promise to give you enough information on a variety of products that you can make your own mind up concerning what products, schools, or supplies you are interested in.

We want to educate you, inform you, and prepare you to make the best decision you can concerning welding related items.