Lincoln 140 Weld Pak Review – Specification, Features, Pros and Cons

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This welding machine is powered by common electrical currents found in every home and business so it is possible to use this machine anywhere you go.

It is light weight, and small in size so it is possible to transport this machine from one location to another one with ease. The flux core MIG machine will also allow you to weld thicker metals than a common stick welder can handle.

Lincoln 140 MIG Welder Review

Having a MIG welder that can perform flux core welding processes will mean that you can make repairs to metals that are not perfectly clean, or metals that are painted, and metals that do not have smooth surfaces.

Lincoln 140 MIG Welder Review In Details

2 Control Knobs

This machine is easy to setup and adjust. It has two control knobs to adjust and then you are ready to begin welding.

The forgiving arc designed into the machine makes it even easier to dial in the perfect setting for the materials you are welding.

The numeric drive tension control will allow you to quickly set the machine to the optimum range according to the wire dimension you are using.

Cast Aluminum Gear Box

The cast aluminum gear box of this welding machine makes it a sturdy and durable machine. The cast aluminum also helps to reduce the amount of noise the machine makes while it is being operated. The quieter machine is more pleasant to operate when you are working inside a shop building or garage.

Performs Standard MIG processes and Flux Core Processes

This is not just a MIG welder and it is not just a flux core welder. This machine is capable of performing both MIG and flux core welding processes.

You can use shielded gas and solid wire and do your normal MIG welding or you can use the gas-less flux core wire and perform flux core welding.

The machine can perform a MIG weld on 24 gauge metals that are up to 3/16 inches thick in a single pass. If you are using the flux core wire you can weld metals that are up to 5.16 inches thick in a single pass.

Powered by 110 Volt Circuits

The 110 volt or 115 volt circuits are the ones that are commonly found in homes and businesses. These are the same circuits you use to power your computer, blow dryer, small kitchen appliances like mixers, and power tools like circular saws. Everyone has this electricity running through their homes and businesses.

This welding machine can be plugged into the standard outlet in your garage, and it will allow you to weld steel that is as much as 3/8” thick. You do not need to install any special electrical plugs to operate the machine.

140 AMP Output

This welding machine is capable of producing 140 amp output. In order for the machine to be able to create the highest amount of output possible you will need to make sure the circuit breaker is a 30 amp breaker.

If you are operating the machine on a 20 amp breaker circuit you can expect your output to be closer to 90 amp. It is not recommended that you even try operating this machine on a receptacle that is powered by a breaker that is smaller than a 20 amp.

This machine has a 20% duty cycle. With a 20% duty cycle if you operate the machine at amperage outputs that are above 90% then the machine will only produce that output for 20% of the time.

After the 20% the machine will reduce output or shut off. Example, if you operate the machine at 90% amp output for ten minutes then it would shut down after 2 minutes of operation.

Inside the Package

When you purchase this welding machine you get a lot more than just a 71 pound flux core welder. You also receive:

  • A Magnum 100L MIG gun
  • A 3.0m cable that is 10’ long. The cable has the appropriate brass connections for the MIG gun. It also has a 4 pin MS type connector to use with the trigger control
  • A gasless nozzle appropriate for use with Innershield® welding processes
  • 2 contact tips sizes .025 inch and .035 inch
  • A dual track drive roll capable of handling .025 to .035 wire diameters
  • Spindle adapter for 8 inch wire spools
  • Gas nozzle for MIG welding
  • A Harris Gas Regulator
  • 52 inch gas hose suitable for use with AR/C02 gas blends
  • Sample spool of .025 inch wire
  • Sample spool of .035 wire
  • Work clamp with 10’ wire
  • Machine instruction manual

Wire ranges

This machine can use cored wire that ranges in size from .030 inch diameter to .035 inch diameter.

It can use solid wire that ranges from .025 inch diameter to .035 inch diameter in your MIG processes.

The wire feed speed ranges from 50 inches per minute to 500 inches per minute, depending on the diameter of the wire you are using.


  • Fully adjustable drive eliminates problems caused by wires becoming tangled or crushed.
  • Brass to brass gun connections provides greater amounts of conductivity
    30 amp to 140 amp output range.
  • Smooth arc start that reduces splatter so you have less after welding clean up to do 30 amp to 140 amp outputs.


  • To use C02 shielding gas you must order the gas bottle adapter separately
  • Utility cart sold separately

Final Notes

This Lincoln welding machine is designed to provide you with enough power to handle any welding job around your home, business, farm or ranch.

It has a rugged and durable construction so it can withstand being moved from place to place, and it can be operated in a shop or outside, depending on where you need to make your welds.

This machine has enough power to please an experienced welder, and controls that are easy enough for the beginning welder to quickly learn to use. It is an all-around good choice for most homeowners.

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Adam K. Pabalate

Thanks for reviewing the Lincoln 140 MIG welder. It looks a sturdy and heavy duty welder for me.

Good thing is that you have mentioned a long list of the components it comes with the purchase.

Since it is a MIG welder, can be used for welding aluminum also?

    Richard Boyer



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